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Hey! Vindictivity here! I'm an anime character designer and digital artist passionate about bringing unique characters to life. Art has always been a part of my journey, and for me, it's all about growth and self-expression. Through my art, I strive to create meaningful stories and convey my emotions.

I'm a full-time art and computer science student, and I spend all of my time drawing, programming, or learning. If I'm not busy with that, in my free time I love to play video games, read, or explore. Nothing makes me happier than food and adventure!

Some of my long term goals include: creating a 3d animated movie with dreamworks, illustrating an anime series with a studio, creating my own manga, and developing a video game with both art and computer science.


I work on mostly anime illustrations with a background in animation. When I would younger I bought myself a tablet and used it to create pixel art commissions for mobile games. I began digital illustration in 2020. I've been obsessed with anime since I was young due to its story-rich nature. I'm going to make my own someday soon!

What I Use

  • Wacom Cintiq Pro 16

  • Wacom Pen

  • Clip Studio Paint

  • iPad Pro 2

  • Apple Pencil

  • Procreate

Upcoming Events

  • No upcoming events planned yet.
    Stay tuned for updates!


Commissions are currently closed! Normally this would be bad news, but I'm currently a full time art student, and I am focusing all of my efforts on improving so that I can provide better services in the future. I intend to open them up as soon as I feel I'm ready to undertake new collaborations. For now, if you'd like to support my efforts, feel free to donate to my Patreon or follow any of my social media to keep up with what I'm working on!

Contact Me

Whether it's for commissions, collaborations, general inquiries or feedback, you can reach me at '[email protected]'.


  • When did you begin drawing?
    I began with pixel art in 2012, digital illustrations in 2020.

  • What medium do you prefer?
    I prefer digital with clean lines most.

  • Can I use your artwork?
    My artwork is not available for use online, though you are free to use it for studying purposes only.

  • What kind of palettes do you use?
    I like bright vibrant colors, my favorite is pink and blue.

  • How long does a piece of art usually take you?
    Around 4-12 hours depending on the complexity.

  • What brushes do you use?
    You can find my brushes for free in my shop.